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Charter Schools

Charter schools offer the unique opportunity to completely rethink the way we education our youth. With unprecedented advancements in educational methodology, educators are developing the best and most effective ways to enrich and inspire children.

Setting up and implementing a special education program can be a confusing and overwhelming process. What model for delivering services to special needs students will best reflect the unique philosophy of your school and meet the mandated criteria? How do you accommodate students with special needs into daily classroom instruction? What is the best way to schedule and locate services for students without interrupting their academic success?

Our Steps to Success program will provide your charter school with a qualified, experienced, professional to answer all of these questions as they relate to your specific school’s mission. In addition, we will assist your staff in meeting the following goals:

  • Follow the referral process for at-risk students to determine the appropriate intervention
  • Understand the components of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Work as a team to implement the student’s IEP
  • Comply with educational laws and regulations to amend the IEP goals and objectives
  • Monitor the students progress throughout the school year